Gadget Bugg: April 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Update: h2rtn to Gadget Bugg Transition

Dear Readers:

First of all, I want to take an opportunity to personally thank all of you who have supported the blog since our launch in 2009. Without you, this blog wouldn't be here. Traffic on just the site alone has been remarkable and unlike anything I would have ever expected. Total, h2rtn has received over 26,000 views just including the blog and youtube. That's close to 144 views a day! Even if I would have had 144 views total for the 6 months, I would have been estatic. But 144 views a day? That is unreal. And, that's not even including all of the loyal fans on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

So as the site continues to grow from hobby to obsession, the look and feel of the site must grow. H2rtn would be nothing without the feedback of friends, family, and fans. Therefore we have decided to officially change the name from h2rtn (seems like a mouthful, doesn't it) to Gadget Bugg.

I really hope that all of you like the name change. We will still strive to be the greatest site on the web for all How To's, Reviews, and Tech News, but now instead of the crazy URL you can simply direct your browser to (with TWO G'S!) for your tech enjoyment.

Be sure to check back frequently to the site for all of the new changes that will be following. And PLEASE give me feedback! Let me know what you think of the name and the new changes that will be occuring over the next month. You can contact me at



Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The iPad Odyssey

Last night me and my friend Denis (a.k.a. D-Man) swallowed our pride and camped out in front of our local Best Buy thinking we were going to make electronics history. These are the events that followed.