Gadget Bugg: Editorial: The Internet Killed Windows Vista, Apple iPad Next Target?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Editorial: The Internet Killed Windows Vista, Apple iPad Next Target?

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Imagine that it's January 2007 and Microsoft has it's first new O.S. since XP. Windows Vista, affectionately known as the worst operating system in history, is released. Almost instantaneously, fingers bash keyboards with words of hate. Tweets are twittered, emails fly, and Youtube is flooded with people bashing Microsoft. You know what? I bet half those people hadn't even tried it. Sound familiar? Read on...

I hate to put this in "Google terms" but when the phrase 'vista sucks' is entered into Google 567,000 rusults can be found. When 'ipad sucks' is entered, a whopping 835,000 results can be seen. However, when the phrase 'why does vista suck' 2,570,000 results are displayed. What does this mean? It means that while close to a million people have devoted sites to the fact that Vista is terrible, two and a half times that many have been essentially told that it sucks. Word spread like wildfire, and people wanted to know why everyone was saying this poor O.S. is terrible. What's the difference? iPad hasn't even been released, but the way that people are bashing it, it's as if they've been using one for years.

Now, I know there are those of you out there that have your opinions on the matter, and I am sure I will hear them too, but you cannot deny the fact that Vista was brought out immaturity. In January 2007, a computer with a 160 GB hard drive, Core 2 Duo Processor, and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM was close to a thousand dollars. Now, three years later, the same money (excluding Macs of course) can buy you an i7 Quard-Core processor, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 320 GB hard drive. Oh, and Windows 7.

Excluding the processor, you can find those previous specs in a flipping netbook, and we all know that those aren't for serious power. If Vista had been pushed back, there is no denying that it would have had a more accepted release. So was it really Vista's fault when you just consider the hardware?

What's the point, you ask? The internet. I argue that the internet had a large hand in dealing the hand that Vista was dealt. Microsoft failed to gain support of the online community, and that is what killed it. A year before Windows 7's release, a full release client was made available to anyone that cared to try it. And, all the bloggers running their slick new hardware installed Windows 7 and hailed it for its glory and praised Microsoft for it's generosity. That's how Microsoft won back the internet, and, subsequently, the American people.

We went from Bush to Obama...

...Vista to 7...

...iPad to ___...

We have a new President in the White House. He has a twitter, a Youtube channel, and Facebook account. He gets it. John McCain, surprise surprise, did not get the tweet.

So this new iPad thing. It has been speculated and predicted for years as the next best thing. People have dreamed about it, made mock presentations of it and even claimed that it was an illusion. But the blogger's seem to have forgotten how much they loved it once they actually saw it.

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It reminds me of why I hate when people tell me too much about a movie. They tell me how great it is, how it is the best movie they ever saw, and much of the plot. They build it up so much, that it is next to impossible to live up to the hype that it got. I feel this is the same way with the iPad. People haven't even bought one, for crying out loud, and they are already saying it sucks. Why? Because they created an image in their head of the cheapest, most amazing device, forgetting the numerous limitations Apple's hardware and software often has, especially when considering the price tag.

Now I'm not here to pick sides. Nor am I, unlike most of the blogosphere, claiming that I am an expert. I have worked as a computer salesman for a number of years and remember when Vista was launched, and all the ignorant cretins who claimed to be computer scientists. Give the iPad a chance. If you really want to bash it, buy one, test it out for a few months and then review it. But for heavens sakes, internet, blogs, and loyal h2rtn readers, quit acting like you developed the thing and you know it inside and out. And please do not kill another piece of technology before it is even released, because these companies defined the industry that you rely on for everything, and if you are anything like me, then deep down you know you are just as excited about innovation to Silicon Valley.



  1. that's true. Everyone becomes a "computer specialist" whenever a new hardware/software is released. They do not even give chance to the product to present itself and develop more. People around these days tend to make immature actions.