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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tech News: Apple iPad Announced

The years of waiting are over... The Apple iPad has been announced at Apple's event today, and the years of conspiracy and forecasting are over. This twelve inchish display is said to be the perfect device in between the notebook and the netbook. But when it really boils down to it, it's a giant iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch/eBook reader/MID (mobile internet device).

Sports a 1024x768 LED Display

The thing that has geeks rejoicing, however, is it's price point. Once they are released you can pick one of these little suckers up for $499.99 at your local Apple store. Wifi capable iPad's will be produced first, with 3G enabled iPads soon to follow.
However with all that said, one question still remains, "when can I get my hands on one"!?

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  2. I second that.

    But also, it sounds really cool as just a fun new toy. But, $500? I'm not sure if it is worth it. I got my netbook for $250, and I can do all that the Ipad can do on it. Is it worth $500 for being flat, or am I missing something? Or, Is it just the newest toy?

  3. I totally agree. Plus, you can do so much more with your netbook because it has flash. For example, if someone bought an iPad and went to the h2rtn site, they would not be able to play any of the videos that contain flash. When you think about all of the amazing things the internet can do, often you do not think of those sites as simply text and pictures. If that was all I had on my site, I would never get any visitors!