Gadget Bugg: January 2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tech News: Apple iPad Announced

The years of waiting are over... The Apple iPad has been announced at Apple's event today, and the years of conspiracy and forecasting are over. This twelve inchish display is said to be the perfect device in between the notebook and the netbook. But when it really boils down to it, it's a giant iPod/iPhone/iPod Touch/eBook reader/MID (mobile internet device).

Sports a 1024x768 LED Display

The thing that has geeks rejoicing, however, is it's price point. Once they are released you can pick one of these little suckers up for $499.99 at your local Apple store. Wifi capable iPad's will be produced first, with 3G enabled iPads soon to follow.
However with all that said, one question still remains, "when can I get my hands on one"!?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tech News: Apple Event Tomorrow, Apple Tablet Said to Be Announced

For the three of you out there on the interwebs who haven't seen or heard about this new device from Apple (first rumored in about 2004) you should probably come out from under that cyber rock in second life. Seriously, it's getting damp under there. According to McGraw-Hill's CEO in an interview on CNBC, the Apple Tablet will be debuted tomorrow at Apple's event, will be running iPhone OS, and will be great competition for the newly arisen ebook reader market. Check out the interview below, and fast forward to 2:49 if you don't want to hear about today's news in business.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video: h2rtn Presents The Legend of Zelda NES (Final Boss Ganon) - Beating The game

If any of you have wondered why I haven't been updating quite as often, maybe this will give you some incite. H2rtn has a new video on Youtube of the last few minutes of the original Legend of Zelda on NES. Ever wonder what it's like to beat the game? Well, now you'll know without the hours of toiling through the Overworld. Needless to say, however, that's exactly what I've been doing! Let us know what you think!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tech News: Google Lifts Its Chinese Firewall

Many are familiar with the notorious firewall that the Chinese government has placed on the 350 million internet users in its country. Not many know, however that Google had a strong part in facilitating in its huge ban on any anti-government media to be found on the world wide web. Google had this to say on the matter:

"We launched in January 2006 in the belief that the benefits of increased access to information for people in China and a more open Internet outweighed our discomfort in agreeing to censor some results."

At about 7:00 am Beijing time, however, all of this changed.

Google has lifted its search filter from the Chinese people after detecting that an attack in mid-December on its Gmail servers could in fact be leaked back to the Chinese, and found that it largely targeted accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

According to NPR, the people of China are highly in support of this decision by Google, and pro Google support is flooding the blogosphere. The only question becomes, "how will China react?"

You can read Google's official public post here.