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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tech News: Google Maps Navigation (Beta)

Ok, ok, I'll stop updating and reviewing Google products just as soon as they stop making fully functional, easy to use, free products for all my devices. This, unfortunately, does not seem to be the case. At least not any time soon, as the interwebs are throbbing with Google's latest invasion into the GPS industry. At the moment, it doesn't seem like there is a single tech industry that Google hasn't managed to wiggle into then improve, at least not at the moment.

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) has been released but currently the turn by turn navigation is only available on Google's operating system for mobile phones, Android, and Blackberry and iPhone users have minor updates. Nonetheless, this guy cannot wait until it is released for Blackberry so he can review it for all of you lovely readers to sink your teeth into. In fact, if you already have an Android device there is probably an update available to convert your boring Google Maps app into a turn by turn voice activated GPS with constantly updating traffic reports and points of interest. If you don't, you can go download your own copy here, and let me know what you think! And by the way, TomTom and Garmin, two of the leading GPS software and hardware manufacturers in the industry, are seeing their stocks plummet. A good sign for the future of Google Maps Navigation (Beta), a bad sign if you just invested your savings in Garmin!


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