Gadget Bugg: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tech News: Ideum Unveils 100” Multitouch Table

Many have heard of Microsoft's surface before, but a new video was just unearthed by showing that Microsoft's not the only one with big dreams. Ideum originally designed this thing for a science center in Tennessee, but the video is worth watching to really see what this thing is capable of. Maybe you aren't into frequency and wavelengths but hey, who doesn't want a 100" computer capable of 50 points of simultaneous touch?

~Peter via Engadget

Friday, October 30, 2009

H2rtn Is Now Online!

Today will be the sites first blog, and I gotta tell you, I'm pumped. Although I will be quite honest, I'd consider myself very fortunate if I even get two hits, but I'm going to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. I will be blogging as if this is being read by tens of thousands of people all across the interwebs.

So what is H2RTN? Well, in short, it stands for "How To's, Reviews, and Tech News" and I hope to do each one of those things justice in my attempt to claim my corner of the internet. I have been working with computers and have been in the IT field for over four years now, and so I like to think I have a good connection to what is going on, and some insider information about what is coming out and what you may have missed. I know that I will never do How To's as well as Expert Village, or deliver technology news as well as Gizmodo, but I feel like I can always put a different perspective on things. And, instead of listing everything under the sun, I am only going to blog about what is most important to me as a consumer, and the things that I consider major breakthroughs or life changing gadgets.

Which brings me to my first post which will be coming soon. My first three projects are going to be as follows:

1) An in depth review of Google Voice and what it can do for you
2)A review of Windows 7 and how it compares to its main competitors (Windows XP, Ubuntu Linux, Max OSX, and the dreaded Windows Vista)
3) A How To of How to Build a Computer

I will be posting the Google Voice Review shortly, and as a bit of insider info for being the first ones to discover my site, I have Google Voice invites to give away (more details on that later, probably having something to do with recruiting or subscribing to the page)!

But for now, I humbly thank you for spending time to check out this new blog, and I have high hopes that it will grow out of this little hole in the wall into something much better.

Please send me an email! Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

Oh, and Happy Halloween!


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